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January 9, 2013
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2012 and ponies by atryl 2012 and ponies by atryl
I collected some pictures where we can see the faces of the ponies I've drawn the past year, I'll try to make a similar one with my best works from 2012.

January: the head is more in show, horse-ish, I was experimenting with the cartoony style.

February: I started to develop my anthro style, gorilla hands, buffy, pony with fingers body type. Also no shading.

March: I switched to paint tool SAI, I started to color a little better, and used strong ink lines. I started to do the 30min art challenge, and taking commissions.

April: I started to play with the shading, lighting a little more, also the heads become circle shaped.

May: Bubble heads, still, more lighting, More shading, I've tried to make different emotions to every picture I made.

June: I started to prepare for bronycon, (At first I didn't want to go, but Sonik convinced me to collect courage and go) I had to finish more than 15 high quality print pictures. 4 hours sleep / day the whole month.

July: Bronycon ended, I had a little vacation in NYC after the con. I met many cool people, then Sonik came back to Europe with me, we visited Amsterdam, I didn't have much time that time. After I got home I started to do some mini series (like the one on the picture).

August: Commission time. I had to finish many promised pictures I wanted, work stacked up, the rest of the month was about work.

September: My birthday, I received many-many cool gift arts of Beach Ball, what a month. Still working all day long. Also, the heads of my ponies started to get a new shape, the muzzle become more flat, and my ponies got some cheeks. Also my anthro pony bodies got more human features, and started to become a little fluffy.

October: this month... this is when I did the 30 day art challenge, and I finished it in time. I didn't draw many ponies that month, still working.

November: I started to use textures a little more, I also started to work a little more on Winoxish (my fantasy world).

December: real life crap train hit me, I had no time to draw but I did my best, you can't let the fans hanging. Also, I made a commission auction, which was very helpful, I've got many help from my fans and friends (you).

So... As for art. I've learned, experienced, experimented a lot in art. thank you ponies, and fans, without you I'd probably sit and play all day. I draw instead. I'm really greatful. THANK YOU!

chart base: [link]
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Yay my birthday month is Vinyl Scratch. .3.
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i like how vinyl is august don't really like the pic or it oh and p.s. im November! and at the same time January for some reason.
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December ^^
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Obviously hacking.
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i got the changeling queen i wanted pinkie but really great faces
Deceius Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How the heck did you get all that progress in a single year?
atryl Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
it`s just the style. it took some time to get used to cartoony style :)
Deceius Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My style has taken an odd turn lately. I went from close to the show to an almost chibi look.
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